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The Battle of The Potions

- Tale of the eastern bacteria in The Vast Western land -

Once upon a time, an ad­ven­tu­rous alchemist traveled in far east searching for new specimens of bacteria. 

He and found some in­te­res­ting dirt near by a golf course. In it was a new bacteria and he called it Strep­to­myces Aver­mi­ti­lis.

With his fellow alc­he­mists, he took the dirt to the Vast Western Lands, where a potent medicinal potion was prepared of it. This potion was then used widely for different diseases, for both men and beasts, and so great was its magic, that greatest of all prizes was given for its founders.


                                     The alchemist Satoshi Ömura. Photo - Andy Grump

In the Vast Western lands life was pros­pe­rous. People had plenty of what they needed, and even more. So they lived com­for­table, easy and safe lives. 

They wanted their way of life to last forever. 

They chose the best of them­sel­ves, and knighted them.  Then people of the western lands asked their knights: 

"Please, make our future always be better than the past."

And they did.

Mighty castles were built for the knights and they were called ins­ti­tu­tions. The chosen knights of these castles had knowledge for many kinds of alchemy. 

They were scien­tists, busi­ness­men, officials and bu­reauc­rats, and their shining armors were tailored suits and lab coats. And it was agreed, that these knights were “in the know” and people called them experts.

The knights of the castle built many things for easy life; easy to eat food, easy to watch en­ter­tain­ment, easy to un­ders­tand news, easy to use weapons and easy to play video games, and if someone did come miserable, they made easy to use drugs like opiates and toys like fidget spinners. 

And the people loved and praised their knights for making their life even more com­for­table, easy and safe.

The knights loved the praise they got, but they also heard some critique of their work, even claims of not being “in the know”. 

So, to protect their place of being “in the know”, the knights erected a mighty temple on the center square of their castle, and this they called The Gold Standard. (TGS)

For the peoples they declared:

“For your safety, we have created The Gold Standard, and declared us being the knights of the temple of the best and truest knowledge. This we did, so nothing could go afoul in The Vast Western Land. But for good quality TGS we need some gold. Ok?”

And the people cheered and gave them gold, for they trusted and loved their knights and their easy fun things.

But not all cheered.

There were some knights with curiosity and passion for truth in their hearts. Those knights saw The Temple of The Gold Standard, would restrict their ability to seek the truth. So they left the castle and searched on their own.

The Dragon

Years passed, and then, on one dark winter, came a disease. 

A Dragon it was, a truly dreadful one, so the people in the Vast Western Land were terrified, and for the first time they ex­pe­rienced a shortage of toilet paper.

So, the people rushed to the castle and begged their temple knights.

“Please, our experts and providers of easy life, take away this disease, slay this Dragon!

And the knights replied.

“Do not worry, we shall slay this Dragon, as we have always done before.”

And the knights of the temple made haste with warp speed and started cooking mighty potions for slaying the Dragon.

But few people in the Vast Western Land really knew… how difficult and complica­ted the work of alchemy had become inside the Castle Walls…

The people outside had always wanted plenty of good, and for that, given the knights plenty of gold. So the castle had grown large, and numerous new towers of ivory was erected. 

The knights had grown in numbers too, and they sat on many round tables of different guilds. 

They dealt with many new areas of alchemy, such as public wall writings that they called media, and gold hoarding that they called banking. 

Also Kings and Queens, who were called po­li­ticians, sat on these tables, and when many knights sat on many tables, changing places quicker than they changed armor, and when all of it was getting more and more thick and in­tertwi­ned, the few honest men who happened to see a glimpse of it, said quietly shaking their heads: “what a clusterf**k that is…”

Lot`s of quar­re­ling and jousting happened inside the castle walls, as the knights competed for the access to The Temple of The Gold Standard.  And so they started seeing the temple of TGS, not as source of truth, but as source of gold and fame for their own round tables and towers of ivory.

So, over time, the knights of the temple, despite being common men too, and without even realizing it them­sel­ves, forgot how knowledge is infinite and ever growing and thus they separated knowledge from wisdom.

Such was their boldness, that one of them even declared “I am the alchemy!”, as he was a declared god!

And yet the people cheered, for they had come to trust eve­ryt­hing that was done inside the castle walls, and even more they loved their knights when they said:

“For your gold, we shall slay The Dragon and provide you wellness and safety for eternity!”

But in the meantime, knights of the curious and ad­ven­tu­rous type, who wondered outside of the castle, had studied the Dragon from tail to fans. 

They had tried new things, and be-hold, they had disco­ve­red The Dragon could be slain with the bacteria, Strep­to­myces Aver­mi­ti­lis, from the eastern golf-course.

So these knights made haste to the great Western castles, and knocked on the gates.


                                                                      "Is it any good?"

“Is it any good?” asked the knights of the castle, upon hearing about the bacteria.

“Yes!” replied the outsider knights eagerly.

“But is it of the TGS? Does it lay golden eggs so we may provide wellness and safety for the people?” Asked they sus­picious­ly.

“Well, no… its just dirt. But its dirt cheap!”

“But how can we provide good for the people, if it does not lay golden eggs?”

“Well, it does good just as it is. It changes the Dragon to an old vulture..”

“No! The Dragon is mighty! Its a fire breathing, child eating monster. It takes lots of gold to make a potion to slay it!” Screamed the knights of the castle.

“Certainly your potion is potent, but if we use this bacteria as well, The Dragon really just has got a bad breath…”

“No! Bacteria from dirt don`t work! Slaying of mighty Dragons takes gold and knights in shiny lab coats! Everyone knows this. It`s in the Know!”

“But how can you know eve­ryt­hing about slaying this Dragon, when its totally new?” Wondered one ad­ven­tu­rous knight.

“Because, we got all the knowledge in our temple.”

“All? Really? Can we see it?

“No, bugger off!”

So the gates of the castle were shut from these ad­ven­tu­rous knights.

Shaken by the idea of a potion with no gold in it, the knights of the castle continued cooking their potion for slaying the Dragon. Oceans of gold was used, and the seal and approval from Temple of  Gold Standard, was given to the potion. And the people took this potion eagerly, and when they saw it really helped, they loved it and cheered.

“A man made miracle this potion is, from our beloved knights in the castle!”

But it turned out The Dragon was able to grow new heads. So the potion did not work quite as expected, and it was needed again and again, so the knights told people:

“Dont worry! it just takes a bit more of your gold to slay this dragon.”

This made some cautious and curious people looking for options. They turned their eyes to the bacteria, seeing how it was used success­ful­ly outside of the Vast Western Lands...

And so begun…

The Battle of The Potions


                                                                       The Battle begins...

When the knights of the castle realized that the bacteria was truly able to slay the Dragon, they knew this could make them look like fools, but for the most they feared loosing the golden eggs of The Gold Standard.

So the knights started twisting the truth about the Eastern bacteria.

First it wasn´t even quite a lie, just a tweak of a word, or a tweet of a bird, but  it grew to be a huge lie, massive like an elephant, so that seeing it, was it nearly im­pos­sible to believe it to be a lie...

And soon lies poisoned peoples mouths and made them talk with words a foul...

Of the bacteria potion many lied.

“For horses it is, and mans bowls shall it dis­grace­ful­ly sprinkle empty, and fool is the one that tries to slay the Dragon with it!”

And of the castle potion grew many thick lies too…

“Potion is a poison, made to kill us all! So the evil temple knights could rule the World!”

For those watching the Battle of The Potions with a watchful eye, it seemed that The Dragon, temple knights, the potion and the bacteria, had created a Dark Spell... bringing darkness in peoples minds, making everyone act and speak afoul.

But the worst of the spell was this:

People started loosing their will of seeking truth and wonder. So, even upon hearing anything truthful about the bacteria, or the castles potion, they did not want to believe it, and chose to speak a lie instead.

And after all, there was so much pointing of fingers and calling a fool, that there was no more rejoicing but hate, loathing and un­hap­pi­ness.

But, the knights of the temple with darkest of hearts, saw this was good. 

For they realized, that if people kept telling each other fools, they would not see how foolish they them­sel­ves were. 

And also, un­hap­pi­ness brought them even more gold, as they could sell more potions, easy stuff and lies for the dark minds of  people.

So confusing did matters of truth come during the Battle of The Potions, that few knew the truth  anymore. The harder the clash between the two potions came, the more it all became pro and anti, black or white, or left or right. 

And because in mans heart, safety and trust rests on truth,  turned people  anxious and scared, and this made them ask the castle for safety.

The Kings and Queens of the castle, or po­li­ticians as they were called, did not know what to do in this mess. And they too, did not want to look as fools, as who would want a fool to be a King? 

So the kings and queens started to use The Gold Standard them­sel­ves. And as people wanted safety, they gave them that, and said to their peoples.

“Only this potion of the castle is the safe answer! Potion for everyone, then the Dragon flies away! That is the only way!”

So afraid people were, they believed eve­ryt­hing the castle knights told them, even that deep down they knew, there was a pack of lies buried in their words.

And the mouths of those, who asked, with the light of reason in their minds...

“Could there also be other potions and bacteria in this battle?”

Those mouths were shut.

And so was truth and reason forgotten for the virtue of safety in the Vast Western Lands. And no-one could see the simple fact, that potions of all kind, of dirt or gold, were needed in slaying the Dragon, and the true battle was not between potions, but inside men them­sel­ves.

And so it seemed, during the Battle of The Potions, that the mad ones thought they were sane, and the sane ones wondered if they truly were mad...

Time passed, and then, on one late evening, the temple knights played golf.  As they played, were their eyes so full of shine of their gold, they no longer could see to the outside of their track, where nature rested peace­ful­ly aside of the business of men. 

And from their minds had vanished the truth, which all true alc­he­mists know — that in nature, miracles are a natural thing.

With a sigh, looked a thought­ful mind from the woods, and said to himself...

"All this foo­lish­ness grew, because people in The Vast Western Lands had so much in good in their easy life. So they had grown to believe that all in the West was only of pure Good, and could not believe anything Bad of their land, and of their castles, and of them­sel­ves too…"

So the knights finished their golden game, and the sun set upon the Vast Western Land, and the coming night seemed to be very dark indeed.

But some mindful eyes in the woods, could still see, that the Strep­to­myces Aver­mi­ti­lis was not a miracle of healing the flesh, but for healing the minds too, breaking the dark spell that the Dragon had created.

How this miracle could happen, is yet to see, for the spell was created by men, and it is for men them­sel­ves to make these miracles happen.

The End


                                                          Streptomyces Avertimilis Ivermectina


Sami Antinniemi




© Sami Antinniemi. Kaikki oikeudet pidätetään. 


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